Let me introduce you Dorian, who is just 8 month old, and comes from Chaville (92Hauts-de-Seine). His family asked for a 8 month baby photo shoot, in order to get some artistic pictures of their son. We were blessed, as Dorian was fantastic, and loved smiling at the camera, not impressed at all!

8 month baby photo shoot : play time!

It took only a few minutes to Dorian to feel at ease in the photo studio. Cozy blankets, games and balls… Well, it is perfect to make your baby happy! We were so pleased to see Dorian smiling at us. He even poses, thanks Dorian, you are great! A star is born ?

8 month baby photo shoot lovely baby boy portrait with red hair

Dorian was happy to play on soft blankets

8 month baby photo shoot baby boy playing on the floor

play with a soft ball

8 month baby photo shoot baby boy with football Karine Majet photographe

… and have a break with his teddy bears. Being a star is no walk in the park.

8 month baby photo shoot baby boys plaing with his teddy bears

Baby portrait : 8 month baby photo shoot

Baby photo session is also a perfect time to get great portraits of your child. Dorian is only eight month old but has already a lovely character. Look at him! He is so cute… and looks so great…

8 month baby photo shoot baby boy portrait with newspaper cap

Get a fantastic baby photo shoot!

8 month baby photo shoot  is almost done. Dorian is getting a little bit sleepy and is looking for his soft toy “Zibeo”. Let’s have a last shoot with a cute little bed and soft blue background. Our little baby boy has been an angel during all this 8 month baby photo shoot. Thanks a lot!

8 month baby photo shoot baby boy on a little white bed studio photo Paris

I wish you enjoy this 8 month baby photo shoot… see you next week for another maternity, newborn, baby or family photo session.

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