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Karine Majet photographer

Karine Majet is mum of two beautiful daughters who have changed her all life. She specializes in all things motherhood, families and portraits. She has been in business since 2015 in Paris and surroundings with a brand-new professional studio from 2021 near Velizy 2 mall. 100 m² dedicated to your family life.

Motherhood has changed her life in an unexpecting way. She was product manager up to 2014 and decided to give meaning to her professional career, when her second baby, Alice, was born. It was such a great moment that she wanted these milestones to be documented.

photographe bébé evry histoire de rêver tous les accessoires sont fournis karine majet studio


She is a creative professional with commitment to quality and has invested in props, backdrops and gowns. Her all inclusive sessions will make shootings as magic and incredible as possible. Beyond getting great pictures, she wants you to feel comfortable, so you can enjoy every moment.


Do you know Robert Doisneau photographer? He is one of the most popular photographer in France and she cherishes his work. Indeed, he could catch joy, pain and life, all in his images. Just like “Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville” image, she enjoys capturing this very moment when love comes out of you, to make the images full of life. It should be your legacy for those who will come after you.

Professional studio near Paris

Thanks to her passion and patience, and to international family photographers’ workshops, her work has improved. She started in 2015 with a home studio and now, she is so pleased to invite you in a wonderful studio near Paris. Karine is also so blessed with families who have been so grateful and loyal from start. She looks forward to being a part of your family life.

As for most of the families coming to her studio, it is the first shoot ever, she will guide you through a series of poses. She takes care to listen to your way of life and wishes, to create pictures that give meaning to you, and that you will be pleased to see in your home.

She enjoys giving you and your children a timeless and precious gift, through prints, albums and frames. Images of you in your home will bring to life the love you share and the adventures you have together.

So let’s your family story begins with lovely moments to share.

seance-photo-grossesse-neuilly-sur-seine comment décorer son intérieur avec ses photos karine majet photographe