I am so glad to share with you this baby boy photo shoot. It was such a lovely photo session!

baby boy photo shoot newborn in vintage box

Newborn photo sessions

Newborns are so incredible, and their very first days are really magic. I particularly love watching their lovely tiny nose 🙂 . I could look at my daughters for hours … what about you? 🙂

baby boy photo shoot newborn portrait in studio with Karine Majet

Every newborn session is full of emotions, as each baby has his own personality. Yes, indeed! From the very days, babies behave according to their own way. Some are grumpy, some are really deep sleepers, some others need to be in their parents’ arms to be reassured with their love and presence.

baby boy photo shoot newborn portrait with little hands

I love shooting newborn portraits, as you offer your child the very first image of him. And what is very particular, is that this image will not last very long. Wihtin a few weeks, his face will slightly change into a baby face. So let’s keep a sweet picture of his first days.

Welcome to my home studio

Newborn photos require lots of accessories, backdrops and props. This is why photo sessions are implemented in my home studio located near Paris. And for this baby boy photo shoot, what about having a nice vintage atmosphere?

baby boy photo shoot cute newborn in wooden box

I provide all kinds of props :-). I must admit that I am a shopping addict, and since I started being a newborn photographer, I did spend such a good time surfing on internet to get the most amazing props! Boxes, curly felted blankets… But what I really enjoy is having some organic tones.

baby boy photo shoot newborn with teddy bear

Baby boy photo shoot, what is included?

In order to have the best experience during and also after newborn photo session, I will provide you with a lovely package, which includes the following services.

  • You can choose 10 pictures within your gallerie. The digital images are both color and black and white (total of 20 images). You can purchase some additional pictures.
  • The pictures are edited with Photoshop, in order to get some pretty images.
  • I send the USB key to your location.
  • You also have a digital album to watch the images on your smartphone and tablet.
  • I provide you with a digital slideshow.
  • And you can also have a digital newborn annoucement slideshow to share with your family and friends!
baby boy photo shoot lovely newborn sleeping

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maternity photo session with white tutu skirt

Enjoy this kid photo session

kid photo shoot with siblings what a lovely family picture