I am so pleased to share with you this baby girl photo session. I am located near Paris and I am so happy to take some lovely pictures of your little ones.

Props and headbands

As a professional newborn photographer, I provide all the props you need for your baby. I just love surfing on the web to get the most incredible headbands, furs or backdrops. They come from Australia, USA, England, East of Europe. It is like a treasure quest 🙂 . This picture will be perfect for the nursery!

baby girl photo session purple flokati for lovely newborn pictures karine majet photo

Parents asked for romantic and cosy atmosphere. So we picked some nice purple furs to get this little girl as comfortable as possible.

baby girl photo session baby portrait with purple headband

Baby girl photo session, come with siblings!

During this baby photo shoot, it was also a great time to get some images with his baby brother. He was so proud and happy. As newborn photo sessions last about 3 hours, I always try to get siblings shots at the beginning. Your child is calm and does not jump everywhere (yet).

baby girl photo session siblings for a family photo shoot karine majet

Kid’s portrait

In addition to newborn pictures, we can have a break and get some wonderful images of your older child as well. Look at him, how cute is his smile!

baby girl photo session cute little boy karine majet

Newborn photo session

Newborns should come 6 to 12 days after they are born. Why? Because they sleep longer and we can get some more chance to have lovely baby portraits.

baby girl photo session newborn cute portrait karine majet paris

Family pictures

During this baby girl photo session, parents really wanted to have some nice family pictures. They wanted to decorate their home with a large canvas. What a great idea!

baby girl photo session family picture is so cute karine majet

This is definitely your photo shoot. I always ask you lots of questions dealing with the colors you like or how you want to use the images : photo album, canvas… The pictures are a way to remember such awesome moments. Please, do not let the pictures waiting on you hard disk.

baby girl photo session mummy with her daughter in white gown karine majet

So tiny, this sweet little baby girl looks so peaceful in her mum’s arms.

baby girl photo session come for a lovely newborn photo shoot

Let’s finish this baby girl photo session with dad. Thank you dads for coming. It is always a great moment for you. I know you do not have lots of time, but this is really a fantastic moment to share with your child.

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What about having a great time with maternity photo session?

maternity photogapher little heart on mum's belly

This little 8 month baby boy is so cute!

8 month baby photo shoot portrait baby boy with red hair