Let’s start this baby photo shoot Palaiseau (91), with introducing Raphaël’s family. Raphaël’s parents first came for a maternity photo session. And now, it is time for Raphaël to get some lovely pictures as well!

baby photo shoot Palaiseau mum and baby smiling

Baby photo shoot Palaiseau, what about the studio?

Raphaël’s mum came from Palaiseau (91Essonne), which is very close to my studio. It is a cosy place with all you can wish for a baby photo shoot. Indeed, I have all kinds of props you could ask for. And look at Raphaël! He looks so cute with this nice bonnet 🙂 .

My home studio is the perfect place to have all the backgrounds, baskets and wraps we need for a baby photo session. As I am specialized in newborn and baby photo shoots, you do not have to bring anything. Indeed, I will provide you with bonnets, pants, hats … and also with tea and coffee 🙂 .

baby photo shoot Palaiseau baby boy with bear bonnet

Baby’s portrait

Raphaël is almost 2 month old. It is not a “newborn“, but I really love to photograph older babies. Some parents are upset as they missed the very first days. Don’t worry, I always do my best to get some lovely pictures of your baby. And look at this baby photo shoot Palaiseau and all the great pictures we have!

baby photo shoot Palaiseau baby portrait

Older babies do not sleep as well as younger babies. But when they are in mum’s arms, they just love it 🙂 .

baby photo shoot Palaiseau baby in mum's arms black and white picture

What about babies’ smiles?

Let’s end this baby photo shoot Palaiseau, is also a great place to show you our little baby smiling. It is such a great picture! I do not capture smiles at every photo session. This is why they are so precious!

You are interested by a photo session?

baby photo shoot Palaiseau sleeping smiling baby


What to expect? Get more information on photo session.

photo session baby photographer Paris what to expect Karine Majet photograph

Newborn photo shoot. Magic is right here!

newborn photo shoot baby in parent's arms artistic picture Karine Majet photographe Paris