Welcome to this baby shoot ! Being baby photographer Garches is such a pleasure 🙂 . Hugo’s mother came from Garches, a lovely city in Hauts-de-Seine (92), close to my home studio. And let me introduce you to Hugo. A lively and restless little boy who is 8 month old.

baby photographer Garches (92 - Hauts-de-Seine) mum and her baby boy

Baby photographer Garches : family portrait

Hugo’s mother really wanted to have some lovely pictures of her with her son. Indeed, it is so difficult to have great pictures with our kids! It is such a good idea to have a canvas that will decorate your home.

baby photographer Garches baby boys has a great time with his mum


Coming for a baby photo shoot it definitely a way to have fun. Look at Hugo, so happy to play with cubes. And I love his littles toes 🙂 .

baby photographer Garches baby boys laughs

Poster child, are you sure?

Hugo’s mum came with a lovely tee-shirt with “Enfant modèle” written on it (i.e. poster child).

baby photographer Garches baby boy plays
baby photographer Garches baby boys reads a book

… well, not so sure!

baby photographer Garches baby boy portrait with chocolate on his face

You want to book a baby photo session?

Baby photographer Garches, my favorite picture

This baby photographer Garches photo session was so fantastic. We really had some great portraits of Hugo. Look at his sparkling eyes, he looks so great. This is definitively my favorite picture. What about you?

baby photographer Garches smiling baby portrait

Do you like black and white pictures?

Yes, I do! This is a way to focus on the essential : Hugo’s face. It is also a timeless image Hugo’s mum will have pleasure to look at in a few years. I am so nostalgic of childhood pictures!

baby photographer Garches baby boy black and white portrait football


Maternity photo studio.

maternity photographer Paris couple black and white picture Karine Majet photographe

What to expect? All the information you need.

photo session baby photographer Paris what to expect Karine Majet photograph