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Birthday gallery

Welcome to birthday gallery! You will see some examples of set ups for baby boys and baby girls.

Smash the cake photo session

I love cakes and I also love looking at them. For smash the cake photo session, cakes are made by a pastry chef, un régale! You can choose the color and flavor (vanilla or chocolate).

And if your little baby does not it everything, you will get a chance to taste it :-).

Tell me more about birthday photo session

The first part of the session, is dedicated to Smash the cake party. There are balloons, birthday decoration and a delicious cake.

The aim is to have some delightful pictures of your baby smashing the cake and having fun. Then, we change the backgrounds and get some more classic pictures.

We can have some lovely baby portraits and also some pictures with parents and siblings. You can have other clothes for your child, bring a cap or headbands.

As a professional baby photographer, I can also provide you with some props. Everything is included in birthday pack: cake and decorations.

First year baby plan

Birthday shoot is also part of first year baby plan. It is a way to get memories of key events such as 4, 8 and 12 month of your baby.

Each time it is a new step, which is so important to remember. In this first year plan, you also have the opportunity to have a birthday shoot for your baby’s first birthday!

How to book a birthday session?

One more information in this birthday gallery: you can book a session 1 or 2 months in advance. The shootings takes place after the nap, so your baby is happy and ready for beautiful pictures.