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Children gallery

Welcome to children gallery. You will discover my style and all the joy I have taking some lovely pictures of your kids.

When should we come?

You can have a child photo session whenever you want. It can be before Christmas, to get some pictures to give to grandpas and grandmas. Or it can be for birthday.

You can also decide to come for an outdoor photo session, in spring or summer time. It is really up to you!

What about siblings?

It is a great idea to come with brothers and sisters. We can have some fantastic pictures of your children, playing all together. And parents are welcome for some pictures as well.

To get further information

All the pictures are high quality images, so you can easily have a canvas to decorate your home. You get pictures in color and black and white (I love black and white portraits, what about you? If you want to get further information, please check the children page.

What about a shooting outdoor?

You are right, having fun outside is such a great idea! I live in a lovely location.

If you want, we can have a great time in woods or in a park. Kids love playing and the pictures are so cute. Please let me know in advance.

You will see in the children gallery some examples. I just love seeing your kids running, jumping… it will be such great memories.

Can we get an album or canvas?

Of course! All the pictures are high quality images, so you are able to have albums or canvas. Please, do not let the images on USB key, but decorate your home with the people you like :-). It is so important to bring joy and happiness in our home.