Once upon a time, there were two lovely little sisters, Chloé and Julie. They came for a Christmas photo session with their mum, to get some beautiful pictures. What about sharing with you this children photo shoot?

Christmas photo session 2 year old girl smiling

Decorate your home with Christmas family pictures

Time is passing definitely far to quickly. Chloé is 2 year old and Julie is 5. And their mum has decided to take some time to get some pictures to decorate their home. What a good idea!

Christmas photo session decorate your home with family pictures

Let’s get some lovely portraits!

Do you know why children are photogenic? For one reason, just one. In fact, when they are happy, they just live in the moment. They do not care about their hair or the dress they wear. There are no ambiguous ideas about what we may thought about them. And they are right! Look at this beautiful smile.

Christmas photo session fantastic little girl portrait on golden background

They live each day, truly and deeply, surrounded by all our love. As adults, we should go back into childhood, just to feel again that delicious feeling of beeing not judged. And that will make beautiful pictures 🙂 .

Christmas photo session five year old girl portrait on golden background

What about having fun for this Christmas photo session?

During all my kid photo shoots, there is playtime. This is another trick to make your children happy and natural. With happy kids, we always get some lively pictures.

xmas photo session girl dancing as in a festival
Christmas photo session two sisters on wood background

Black and white are so beautiful 

I just wanted to finish this Christmas photo session with black and white pictures. They are always so magic!

christmas photo session little girl smiling black and white picture
Christmas photo session 5 year old girl dancing with lovely dress black and white

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Smash the cake photo session. What a good idea for a birthday!

smash cake photo session tasty cake Karine Majet photographe

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