What about having some cute newborn images for awesome souvenirs! Your baby’s birth is such an important event. Let’s come for a wonderful baby photo session and get some newborn pictures. It is a really a legacy to your child.

newborn images romantic baby boy picture with karine majet studio photo

Christmas baby boy

This cute little boy was expected by mi-December. I contacted mum a few times, to get some news about her baby … “not yet !”. And finally, he decided to come on December, the 25th. What a great gift for Christmas 🙂 .

newborn images lovely baby boy for christmas karine majet

As every birth comes … when it comes, I always book some times for you. It is such a relief for mums and dads to know that their newborn photo shoot is booked. For this session, parents wanted some Christmas newborn images, such a great idea!

newborn images baby boy portrait karine majet photographer

Family portraits

What is the most important for you, than having lovely family pictures? To remember the very first days of their baby boy, this lovely american couple really wanted some pictures with him. So tiny! I just love it. I was so pleased to meet them. Even if they stayed in France a few months, near Paris, it was such a good time meeting them. Thank you so much :-).

newborn images cute little couple with their baby boy karine majet photogpher

It is a way for me to travel around the world. USA, Australia, Perou, Chili, India … you come from every part of the world for newborn images and family pictures. Each time, we share so much :-).

newborn images father and son portrait karine majet photographer

For more information

Newborn images, time for baby portrait

Our little boy was absolutely so sweet. Now it is time for newborn portraits.

newborn images sweet baby pictures in karine majet photograph studio

Newborn pictures are so nice to decorate your home. The nursery, for instance. Parents really enjoyed grey, and it looks so fine on our little boy. Moreover, as a professional newborn photographer I provide everything for the photo shoot: props, wraps, blankets, baskets. You just need to come with your baby. One of my favorite position? The cocoon baby for sure :-).

newborn images baby cocoon sleepy boy karine majet paris

But what about the angel wings? Oh, yes, is it definitely a fantastic props for baby boys. This is so romantic and soft.

newborn images baby angel wings what a lovely picture with karine majet

Father’s coup de coeur

I just wanted to finish this newborn image article with a baby props that fathers really enjoy: the wine wood box. And indeed, it is such a nice props, a little bit vintage, to get some wonderful souvenirs of your child. Remember: as good wine, your baby will grow and become a lovely little boy. This will be a such great picture to give him later, as a legacy.

newborn images sleepy baby boy with mummy's rabbit karine majet


Discover another beautiful newborn baby girl photo session.

newborn photo session Antony baby in white cocoon

What to expect from the photo shoot? In addition to the pictures, you will get a bunch of services. Let’s discover them!

photo session baby photographer Paris what to expect Karine Majet photograph