I am so happy to share with you this newborn photo session Antony (92). Joanie is only a few weeks old. All the family has traveled from Antony, in the south of Paris.

Newborn photo session Antony with siblings

Let’s start this baby photo shoot with Joanie’s brother and sister. Hanaé is 4 and Joshua is 3 years old. This is the first time they have a photo shoot and are a little bit impressed. And so happy to be with their little sister.

newborn photo session Antony baby and siblings

Family picture : newborn photo session Antony

It is always a great time to have family pictures!

newborn photo session Antony first family picture

Mums are always so happy to get a picture with their little baby in their arm. After a few weeks, babies have grown and it is definitely not possible to have this kind of picture. Indeed, look at Joanie. She looks so small!

newborn photo session Antony mum and happy baby

Baby photo shoot

And of course, it is always a great time as well for baby portraits.

newborn photo session Antony baby portrait

You want to book a photo session?

Joanie is so cute in this lovely white cocoon. Feeling as well protected as in her mother’s womb, she feels such at peace.

newborn photo session Antony baby in white cocoon

Coming for a newborn photo session Antony, is also a way to have some pictures of your little baby with lovely baby props. I am really fond of shopping and I have all sorts of props you could ask for 🙂 .

newborn photo session Antony cute baby girl photo studio

Maternity photo shoot.

maternity photographer Paris mum with black gown Karine Majet photographe

1st birthday. What about having a smash the cake photo session?

smash cake photo session tasty cake Karine Majet photographe