I am so pleased to share with you this newborn photo shoot. Quinn is only a few days old and her parents had a “coup de cœur” for my style. It is such a pleasure for me! So, they came over from Lille which is a 2 hour journey. Whaou, thank you so much! My photo studio is located in Viroflay, next to Paris (75) and Versailles (78).

newborn photo shoot with light pink tutu Karine Majet photographe

So small, so pretty

Newborn photo shoots are fantastic. Probably, because babies are so small! What do you think? It is the perfect moment to get amazing pictures with your baby as small as a little doll. So cute! Just remember that this kind of picture can only be taken a few days after your baby is born.

newborn photo shoot baby in parent's arms artistic picture Karine Majet photographe Paris

Newborn photo shoot: what about a family portrait?

Therefore, I love when mums and dads are OK for a family picture. Why? Because this is the must-have picture for your baby. Indeed, this is really a fantastic picture for Quinn… so small in her parent’s arms.

newborn photo shoot family picture Karine Majet photographe Paris

What about dads?

It seems like dads are fanstastic with baby pictures. Don’t you think so? And obviously, when they are tattooed, it is so graphic!

newborn photo shoot baby in her dad's arms Karine Majet photographe

Just love baby portraits

Newborns‘ faces are so cute. Especially their long eyelashes and little nose!

newborn photo shoot baby portrait Karine Majet photographe Paris

And black and white portraits are timeless…

newborn photo shoot baby portrait black and white picture Karine Majet photographe Paris

Let’s get babies wrapped

It is hard to believe but babies love to be wrapped. It is a way to be as cosy as in their mum’s womb. After all, it is a way for them to feel safe and secure.

newborn photo shoot with purple wrap on white blanket Karine Majet photographe Paris
newborn photo shoot in white basket Karine Majet photographe Paris

Newborn photo shoot, let’s have fun!

This newborn photo shoot is also a great time to share with you some pictures with amazing props. I have a large choice of baskets, and you can pick whatever you like. That is so cool, isn’t it?

newborn photo shoot baby in basket with flowers Karine Majet photographe

Newborn photo shoot : baby and mum

And last but not least, what about having mum’s cuddle to finish this newborn photo shoot? Quinn seems so happy to be in her mum’s arms.

newborn photo shoot happy mum with her baby Karine Majet photographe Paris

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