I love newborn photo session Paris as they offer delicate and lovely moments … as in dreams. Let me introduce you to Victoria, newborn baby girl, just twenty-two day old…

newborn photo session Paris detail of the baby's face Karine Majet photographe

Soft colors for a romantic newborn photo session near Paris … discover the best images of Victoria’s photo session.

newborn photo session Paris sleeping baby with white wrap Karine Majet photographe

Newborn photo shoots are a subtle mix between natural poses and lovely props. We need to create the perfect setting to magnify babies and offer timeless images, you and your child would be happy so see over and over again …

newborn photo session Paris baby sleeping studio photo
newborn photo session Paris baby portrait studio photo

Keep memories of the little baby she was! Her little nose and tiny hands …

newborn photo session Paris baby with white bonnet Karine Majet photographe

Just to remember how tiny and fragile they were. She is so small and already needs all the care of her parents.

newborn photo session Paris mum with her baby

So young, she is already looking for a dad. Family links are so deep and true.

newborn photo session Paris dad with his baby smiling Karine Majet photographe
newborn photo session Paris baby holds her parents' fingers Karine Majet photographe

Newborn photo session Paris : lovely props!

And when Victoria finaly gets asleep, it is a great time to have romantic pictures of her! Nice little wings and white flower headband give a delicate touch to the images.

newborn photo session Paris baby with angel wings

Newborn photo session Paris with siblings

It is also a great time for family pictures, with mum, dad and also siblings. It is a way to create your own family history, from the very beginning, with precious images. Look at Lily-Rose, she is so happy with her little sister!

newborn photo session Paris family picture Karine Majet pohtographe

First sibling-bonding moment.

newborn photo session Paris sibling reading a story Karine Majet photographe

See you next week for another maternity or baby photo session 🙂

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