Thank you for your kindness and for all that we share during the photo session.

Sponsorship program : everyday, is a good day for me, thanks to you! You are so great that I really have a good time with you. If you are also happy with your “photo session experience”, it would be very kind of you to recommend me to your friends, family or colleagues. They may also want a special shooting for their family!

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For each new sponsorship:

  • You get 20 euros for each first photo session achieved by the person you have introduced
  • The person introduced gets an immediate 20 euros discount on his / her first photo session.
get 20 euro discount for sponsoring Karine Majet photograph

The more you sponsor people, the more you get: if you sponsor 3 people, you get 60 euros discount on your session.

Get your sponsorship card now by contacting me by email or telephone (+33762177979).

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Some Testimonials

« I’ve had a baby photo session for my daughter, Chloé. I was fond of the sets and also of the photographer professionalism. She had plenty of props and accessorizes that I could pick for creating sets that really fit my taste. I showed the images to my colleagues, and one of them wanted to have a baby shoot with her 14 month old baby boy. I am eager to go for child session, when Chloé will be old enough to walk and play with her sister. »

Mariana, Chloé’s mum (7 months) – Sartrouville (78)

« I really wanted to get a nice and cute photo session with my newborn girl, but unfortunately, I could not find any photographer who answered my artistic wishes. I was looking for professional editing in order to get some very special images. Time passed and finally, my brother told me about a baby photo session he had done a few weeks before. He showed me the pictures and “yes”, that was it! The sponsorship was easy to implement, thanks! »

Ouardia, Emma’s mum – Le Pré-Saint-Gervais (93)

Get all the information about sponsorship in the Terms and Conditions of Sale.