You can find this information on the prices page or, for more details, by consulting the pages dedicated to photo shoots from the Prices Menu.

Photo shoots are only by appointment, from Monday to Friday.

The photographer also does some shooting during the weekend. Reservations must be made at least 2 to 3 months in advance.

To book your shoot, contact the photographer from the contact page.

No, a phone conversation or an SMS exchange does not make it possible to set the final date of the shooting. We can discuss some time slots but the final appointment is only validated after signing the contract and receiving the deposit.  The photographer sends you a confirmation email with all the information about the location of the shooting, the time and the type of session chosen.

If you have not received an email, please first check your SPAM. If you still don’t see by the expected email, please call the photographer directly at or send an SMS. Do not leave a message. The photographer is available during the day or around 7pm during the week.

To ensure that the shooting takes place in the best conditions, we ask you to come only with the people who will participate in the session.

No, the photographer does not make ID or passport photos. You are invited to contact:

  • Studio Guerin, 33 Rue de Jouy, 92370 CHAVILLE, 01 47 09 65 11
  • Studio 102, 102 rue de la paroisse, 78000 VERSAILLES, 01 39 50 67 40

No, I don’t do children’s casting. To do that, you have to contact the casting agencies near you.

The packs include the photo shoot as well as a number of digital photos retouched. You can also have, according to your package, a musical slideshow, digital photo album and a digital announcement.

The photographer does not give the raw, unaltered photos. To see the details of each pack, see the pages dedicated to photo shoots.

For photo editing, click here.

You can benefit from special offers on photo shoots and articles, such as albums or frames, by subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage. You will receive the latest offers in preview!

In addition, if you take a pregnancy and newborn combo pack, you automatically get a discount. This pack is to be chosen when booking. You will not be able to take it afterwards.

Offers are also available, by consulting the PROMOTIONS tab of the Catalogue.

The indicative timeframes are as follows:

Uploading photos in the gallery: 10 days after the photo shoot or choosing photos right after the photo shoot (subject to availability of the photographer)
Delivery of finalized photos: 8 weeks after receipt of your selection and full payment of the sums due

If you want to receive your photos more quickly, within 15 working days of receiving your selection, you can request the Priority Retouch option.   Contact the photographer directly at

No, the original RAW photos are not given, nor the raw photos, not retouched. You have high definition JPEG versions, without the photographer’s logo.

Yes, you can order additional photos afterwards. Photos are kept 3 months from the photo shoot.

No, photos not retouched are not given for free.

If you would like to receive photos with a «Standard Retouch» to benefit from a reduced rate, please note «Standard Retouch» during your online selection. The rates are indicated in the Contract.

Yes, in addition to photo shoots, you can buy professional quality items.

Albums, frames and photo prints are available at the photo studio. Here is the link to the Catalogue.

You can bring your pet with you. However, hygiene measures must be followed. Please wash your pet before the session and contact me before the session to discuss it together. Not all animals are allowed.

Yes, of course! The photo studio is filled with wonderful accessories to enhance baby and child shootings. These are small cars, baskets, chairs and vintage armchairs. Not to mention teddy bears.

Yes, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your child’s first birthday. The Smash the cake sessions include two sets including one on the theme of the anniversary. The service also includes balloons and party decorations as well as a birthday cake made by a pastry chef.

If your child is allergic or has lactose/gluten intolerance, please choose the cake-free photo shoot.

A make up artist travels to the studio to make beauty shots. A space is also dedicated for this performance. Please contact the photographer for rates for makeup and hairstyle.

For more information on the studio performance

Yes, the photographer puts at your disposal a little more than 200 outfits for your pregnancy shootings: dress, veil and body. The photographer also offers wreaths, flower wreaths and angel wings. Also come with your own lingerie.

For little girls, the photographer also has a very large number of outfits: dress, knitted clothes and tutus.  For boys, outfits from 3 months to 3 years: knitted outfits, pants, jacket and shirt.

The photographer does not provide clothing for men.

For more information about the wardrobe

To book a birth shooting, contact Karine Majet photographer via the contact page 2 to 3 months before your term, so that I can note you on my schedule.

After your baby is born, text within 24-48 hours. The photographer will call you to set your session date, ideally within 6 to 20 days after the birth of your baby.

Do not hesitate to contact Karine Majet photographer, even if your baby is more than two months old. Every month your baby grows and opens to life and it is so beautiful to keep a precious memory of these moments.

As a professional photographer specialized in birth shoots, Karine Majet puts a wide choice of outfits and accessories for newborns.   You don’t need to buy anything.

You can nevertheless bring an accessory that is close to your heart, such as a doudou, a necklace or any object of your childhood. This can bring a personal dimension to your photos.

The photographer is open to your proposals, so feel free to send her your photos by SMS. Make sure to make screenshots.

Moreover, these photos are shown only for information purposes, in order to better understand your artistic attractions. The photographer is not obliged to reproduce them, in whole or in part.

Finally, be sure to limit the number of photos, especially for newborn shoots, because your boutchou will not be able to do 10 different shots on a session. It is a fragile little being, who needs rest, softness and calm, and not a doll. We thank you for your understanding.

You can come with accessories, but their use is at the discretion of the photographer. The photographer is not required to use them all.

These accessories must be adapted to the size of your child and in good condition.

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