Teenage photo shoot - Paris

Teenagers also get their session!

I have a teenager at home, and it changes everything!

The teenage years are the bridge between childhood and adulthood. Teen photography is a way to boost our confidence in life, by having a nice portrait at home. It is also a great way to capture your teenager’s personality and individuality in a way that they will cherish for years to come.

Furthermore, it is widely used for high school photos, job interviews, and portraits to be hung at home. 

How is a teenage photo shoot going?

During the shoot, your teenager is just with me. So he can feel free to do whatever he wants. And most of all, he does not have the parent’s eye on him.

Of course, if he wants to see you or you want to talk to him, you’re in the next room. 

Dealing with parents, you can enjoy a tea / coffee break. 

portrait ado en studio sur fond noir Karine Majet

What about backdrops and props?

The teen sessions take place in my photo studio located near the Vélizy 2 shopping centre. Parc BUROSPACE, 11 route de Gisy, 91570 BIEVRES.

This is a 100m² professional photo studio with several backdrops, such as white, black, khaki and beige.

Make up artist

For the girls who want to make themselves beautiful, a make-up artist moves, for makeup and hairstyle.

maquillage et coiffure au studio par une make-up artiste chez Karine Majet photographe
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