Portrait photographer - Paris

I am a professional Paris portrait photographer who creates portrait photos for men, women and teenagers.

If you’re like many of my clients who do not feel comfortable in front of the camera, and posing for portraits does not come naturally, please contact me. My personal experience (as I was also photographed) now allows me to guide you better, for a great experience. 

Let me take the most beautiful portrait of you

What kind of portrait are you looking for?

I create portraits and headshots for women, men and teenagers. These are used for a variety of purposes such as artistic portraits to frame or actor and model portfolio. 

tarif pour un portrait photo de femme en studio sur Paris IDF avec Karine Majet

Dare to pose, dare to think about yourself. You will feel so good!

Retouche standard

Get a gallery of portraits with various backdrops and outfits.

Retouche avancée

It is a great way to have your favorite picture in a frame.


I see beauty in you.

portrait femme en studio pull beige et coupe au carré Karine Majet
portrait homme assis en studio Karine Majet


Nothing captures character better than portrait.


A nice way to fee confident in life.

portrait ado en studio sur fond noir Karine Majet

How to dress up?

Select 2 to 4 outfits, includings shoes, caps, hats and any other accessory you like.

Print, canvas and album

These gorgeous portraits are photographic art, to enjoy with canvas or albums.

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