Family photo session - Paris

Are you looking for a family photographer near Paris? Wether you are a small family or a blended family, it is important to keep precious memories. 

photo de famille avec une maman qui fait un gros câlin à ses deux filles Karine Majet

Your family

Having a family photo shoot is such a great idea! Indeed, you will get, not only yourself, but your children too, a fantastic gift that you all will cherish for years to come!

When can I book a baby photo shoot?

I offer family photo sessions from Monday to Friday. The best is to book a couple of months ahead to ensure availability.

Relaxed and informal

Family photo shoots can be relaxed and informal or more traditional

You can come up to 6 people. Beyond that, I invite you to contact me to tell me a little more about your family. For babies, they are welcome from one year-old. If they are smaller, please choose Baby photo shoot.

Traditional family photography

As a portrait family photographer, I take pride in conceiving creative and formal photo shoots in my studio.

During Family sessions, you can select several backgrounds

séance photo famille garches soeurs et petit frère karine majet

Who participates in the photos?

photo de famille 92 avec le papa, sa fille de six mois et la maman Karine Majet

Before the session, think about the photos you want to have.

What will be your dress code?

Where is the studio located?

Family photo shoot takes place in my photo studio located near Vélizy 2 shopping center, only 20 minutes from Paris. It is a space where I enjoy creating settings. Parc BUROSPACE, 11 route de Gisy, 91570 BIEVRES, building 11, 1st floor.

If the weather permits, we can organize an outdoor shoot (Please, let me know in advance).


I offer two kinds of editing:

With Retouche avancée edit, you also get black and white versions

séance photo papa et ses enfants en famille Karine Majet photographe
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