To start kid photo shoot, Maxime played on a nice and soft white rug. Studio photo shootings are so cosy! Games, armchair, candies… it is all included.

kid photo shoot two boys laughing Karine Majet photographe Paris

Kid photo shoot with siblings

Kid photo shoots are also a great time to get some lovely pictures with siblings. And look at Léo. So gentle and careful with his little brother!

kid photo shoot siblings Karine Majet photographe

This time I was lucky to have the father at the photo session. I know daddies are often very busy with their job… anyway, if you can have a 2 hour break in your planning, you will be so pleased to get some pictures with your baby.

kid photo shoot dad playing with his son Karine Majet photographe

Kid photo shoot, family picture

What about having a family picture? During baby photo shoot, we take some portraits of your baby. But it is also a special time for family souvenirs, all together.

kid photo shoot family picture Karine Majet photographe
kid photo shoot family studio photo Karine Majet photographe

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Kid photo shoot: baby and mum!

And what about mummies? They are always the ones who take the pictures, always caring and nursing… but they are not so often on the images. Coming for a kid photo shoot is an easy way to get some lovely pictures of you and of your son.

kid photo shoot mum and her baby smiling Karine Majet photographe Paris

Look at Maxime! He is so nice, looking at me as I am shaking cheerleader pompons! I have so many ways to get baby’s attention… it is so lovely to see them smiling.

kid photo shoot baby boy on white fur Karine Majet photographe
kid photo shoot lovely baby portrait in studio Karine Majet photographe

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